TELEPHONE NUMBER            01239841644 DAYS

Hi Tessa


Just to keep you updated with Harri’s progress.  He is 12 weeks old now and has all his injections and has been micro chipped so is ready to face the world.  He has a very healthy appetite and now weighs 2.2 kg.  He loves playing in the garden and can already fetch a ball although he is not always quite so keen to give it back.  He has certainly encouraged everyone in the house to put their shoes away as he is very quick at finding unattended ones and having a good chew!!


Nothing seems to faze him, we recently took him to the beach and he thoroughly enjoyed playing on the sand as well as receiving a lot of attention from the other beach goers.


Sending you our very best wishes


Sarah Haynes and Harri


Hi Tessa,

I thought I'd update you on Mt gorgeous girl Lola! She's now nearly 8 months old and she's doing amazing! Thank you so much, she's a beauty!!

Danielle x


Dear Tessa

Well our new Schnauzer puppy has settled in really well.  The boys have named him Cooper and we all love him to bits.  He really is a pooing, weeing and chewing machine!! For his Kennel Registration we are naming him Cooper Burton.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes

Heather Mace


Hi tess, just to let you know that milo is settling in really well. I thought i was having the quiet one of the litter but no i think we had the naughtiest one. Hes a little mischief maker but has made our house a home. Lauren and i love him so much.

Once again thanx, julie vaughan. Xx


Hi Rachael and Tessa,
Just wanted to let you know that Daisy has arrived safe and sound to Barbados.
My kids are over the moon.
Thanks so much for all of your kind assistance.
She is snuggling with my children now and we are very happy.
Best Regards




Hi tessa

We came down between christmas and new year with our little boy to pick up our poochon "Sherbert"
Just to let you know he's been brilliant and is a much loved member of the family.

Thank you

Tricia and Simon


Hi Tessa,

I thought we'd give you an update on the 3 little darlings we've had from you over the last year.
Teddy the Maltese/Shiztu x bichon is a year old now, and he's adorable. He has the most wonderful temperment and is a joy to have.
Milo the Morkie has settled in well, he's been neutered now and is best friends with my cavachon Daisy. He has a brilliant personality and is a very loving and social little man.
Cindy the Schnoodle has been spayed this week and she is by far the most comical dog we've ever had, she's on springs! We never thought having 4 dogs would be as easy to deal with as they are.
   All three get on fantastically with each other. Here's a photo of  (from the top) Teddy, Cindy and Milo relaxing together. We are hoping to pop over to see you all the rest of your new pups soon.

Louise and Joyce - Pembroke



Dear Tessa,
Just thought we would send you a recent picture of Leo on his favourite walk in the chiltern countryside.
He is a year and four months now and he is a joy to have around and we all love him to pieces !

Hope all is well.
Angie Haldane

Hi Tessa just thought I would give you an update on how I have been since I left you in December. My mom and I are inseparable I follow her everywhere. You will see from the attached photo I have just passed my puppy training and we are all very proud I'm due to start my bronze award at the end of March
Best wishes
Tia x

Hi Tessa

Our Little Brodie has grown into a beautiful Wauser… full of fun and mischief, very friendly and already very good at recall. He gets on well when meeting other dogs and is good with all our grandchildren.  Been on his first caravan holiday and was excellent ( did dig a few mantraps outside the door though!!) Loves the walks on the golf course and also running around on the local beaches and woods.
We are so pleased with him, he is truly now one of the family.
Best wishes
Brodie , Des & Viv Parry


We have had Rosie from you now for around just ove three weeks, and we thiught we' d let you know how she is doing.  She has settled in well and has really become part of the family .  She enjoys the walks around the local parks and is enjoying playing with the children.

Many thanks for your advice and help in making the process of bringing her home much easier!

Best wishes

Mike Richardson

Hello Tessa
Would just like to thank you for bringing Rosie into our lives! She is the most adorable loving dog I have ever met. Rosie is doing great and will be turning 1 in March time flys.
Thank you for everything.

Antonia, Sean, saoirse and Rosie
From Jersey C.I


Hello Tessa


This is “Noodle” who came home to us on November 2nd, although it seems longer!


As you can see he is a healthy and handsome chap who is happy where ever he goes. He has a great personality; intelligent, playful, gentle and full of beans. He sleeps soundly when not at play and peacefully through the night. The family - my wife especially - is delighted to have Noodle in the house, although the cats not so much.


The vet says he is in perfect health, which is also credit to you so well done and keep up the good work J


Kind regards



Neil Luxton

Hi Tessa,

Just writing to give you an update on our puppies. After only coming to you for one but coming back with two, we are so happy that we made the decision to take them both. Nellie and Joanie are doing well, they've settled in really well and we couldn't imagine our home without them. I think they've both been a comfort to each other, which had made settling into their new home easier.

It's easy to see that Nellie and Joanie AKA "the girls" adore each other, but they equally like to wind each other up and go chasing around the house! They both have such different but wonderful personalities. Nellie is very cheeky, sneaks down any little space she can find, or when she gets fed up of Joanie sleeping she crawls over her until she wakes up to play. Joanie is so chilled out, loves a nap and could sleep absolutely anywhere. However she gives as good as she gets when Nellie wants to play.

They are both eating and sleeping well. Apart from a few expected accidents they are essentially toilet trained.  They've both had their 2nd jabs and we are excited to be taking them to their first puppy training party next week!

Hope you are well, and thank you for letting us give Nellie and Joanie their forever home. Not that we will be getting a third dog but we have highly recommended you to friends and family that may be looking for a puppy in the future.

One thing I wanted to ask is whether you had any pictures of Joanie from a younger age before we collected her. As we have them of Nellie, if you do and could send them would be great if not then no worries!

Thank you again
The Hollely's

We have had Daisy May 2 and a half years now, and we have to say it has been a joy to have her in our lives.

Thank you,

Mark Coulson

Thought I would send you a couple if pictures of our beautiful fur babies!!
Hope u are well.
Love Emma and Ren x
Hey Tessa,
Just wanted to give you some photos of Sophie at nearly six months. She's an absolute star and has developed a great personality.  She's going through her teething phase at the moment so has tuned into her super stealth-like dog qualities to acquire most things she sets her slights on! It's just as well we adore her, well, that and she's super cute! 
She loves to accompany me to bed when I read my book and heaven forbid if I'm running late, she just whines at the bottom of the stairs until I take notice.  I had friends over one night and she whined and I had to explain she was telling me `come on mum, it's past our bedtime`. They couldn't believe it.
She's simply perfect, thanks again Tessa. I'll check in again around Christmas to let you know how she's doing.
Love, Sue x
Hello Tessa,
We just wanted to give you a quick update on our Shih Tzu x Bichon Frise pup that we picked up on August 3rd. He's absolutely lovely! His name is Arne and he's such a sweet boy. When we take him to the dog park he gets on really well with all of the other dogs, even the really big ones. He's been great fun and is learning some basic commands like "sit", although we're starting puppy training classes soon! He's a little bit spoilt, but we can't help it! Everywhere we go people stop us to ask what he is and to say how gorgeous he is! He has an Instagram account and his user name is arnedoodle . We're absolutely in love with him!
April and Joe
Just a quick email to let you know that I had my second Dog A.I.D. training session today – and I was an incredibly well behaved little dog and passed my level 1. My trainer is most impressed with my doggie behaviour. My human and I are both shattered now.

A woofffy, yawny good night.


Hi this is Seren one of your cavapoos. 2 years ago I left you to go home with my human Ruth so thought I would let you know what I have been up to.


I settled really quickly in my new home and didn’t even whimper at night. As well as my human there are 2 cats in my family called Purdy and Tailor. They took turns at puppy sitting but I had more fun when Tailor puppy sat as he was good for a romp. Purdy on the other hand always insisted that I lay down quietly and behaved myself. I did give everyone rather a worrying time when I was 15 months old as I had a nasty bout of gastroenteritis, which took me rather a while to get over. I am fine now as long as I have dog food without any beet pulp in it and avoid commercially made dog treats.


Very soon I realised that Ruth needed a bit more looking after than the average human so I set to work to make her life easier.  I started by tidying up Purdy’s plastic food plate from the floor. I did accidently chew on it a bit but soon realised I needed to take her plate into the kitchen without decorating the edge with tooth marks.


Sometimes those cats (usually Tailor) can be a bit naughty and knock things down so, as soon as I hear it, I run over, pick up whatever they have knocked down and take it to Ruth. Gradually I have learnt to pick up lots of different things. To begin with I wasn’t keen on the car keys as they made rather a noise when I picked them up but soon realised they were really important. Once Ruth threw a blanket down the stairs and it landed across the bottom 4 stairs. I haven’t had any training on this but I realised she was in trouble so pulled it down onto the floor.


In my spare time I have become totally addicted to balllleeeeeeee J. There is nothing I enjoy more than charging after it to bring it back or leaping up to catch it in the air. And if we are at the beach it is even more fun. If Ruth is sitting down when she throws the ball I don’t have a care in the world. If though she is standing up woe betide any dog that tries to push her around – I won’t stand for that and tell them to back off – however big they are. I have also have fun doing flyball and adore the run backs. At 6kg though I don’t trigger the box yet.


I am now starting a new chapter in my life as Ruth and I have been accepted by Dog A.I.D. for assistance dog training. If I work hard and learn everything my trainer teaches Ruth to do with me I can become a registered assistance dog. I already know how to behave myself beautifully when out in public and frequently get comments on my good behaviour and usefulness.


Well that’s all for now. I will let you know how I get on with my assistance dog training.


Woofs, Seren.


Hi Tessa,
I hope you are ok.
This is Millie. I bought her off you around July last year.
She will be 1 year old on 26.5.14.
I thought I would send you some pics to show you how well she is doing.
As you can see she is a very well looked after and loved family member.  Myself and my daughter love her loads.  She loves lots of cuddles and walks to the park.
Lisa Lewis

Hi Tessa,
Thanks for the policy info for Riley(William). He was well behaved on the way home. We were impressed with your kennels - all the puppies were healthy looking and their environment was clean with plenty of room for them.  We fell in love with your Westie X (was it Wendy?) as well, she was beautiful.
Charlotte is besotted with her puppy and we look forward to many happy years with him.
Many thanks

Morning Tessa
Just thought I would send you this picture of Bella. 
She is an absolute darling and has given us such pleasure.  A real character and as the vet said "she makes up for size with character'. Thank you so much.
Best regards
Esther Wells

Hi Tessa

Thought you might like these photos of Halo, he is doing great, his character is definitely developed, he is abit of a little rascal and loves to eat you, he's been for a couple of walks, wasn't sure first time but was a lot more confident yesterday, he definitely loves his cuddles. Hope patches is ok and you are well.


hi Tessa,
Here is 'PRINCE' our little malshi, he has settled in well,  thank you so much for such a beautiful little bundle of joy,
we love him very much, he is so cute and spoilt rotten and he knows it, thanks again
Debra and Anthony x

Hi Tessa.

I wanted to send you through a photo of our puppy, Lola, we bought from you just before Christmas. We absolutely adore her and she has fitted right into the family. The 10 hour round trip was well worth it and would definitely recommend you!

Kind regards

hi Tessa,our beautiful Fudge is now 9 months old and he is doing fab!
he is a little cheeky boy who is spoilt rotten, he has bonded really well with the other animals!
he loves to be dressed up he is so layed back!
hes a reindeer for christmas!
he had 2nd price in cutest puppy competition when he was 6months old.
He has fitted in lovely with the family

Hi Tessa
We bought Oscar from you nearly 18 months ago. He is an absolute delight, brilliant character and so loving. I've attached his Christmas pic. Also included is a picture of Oscar and his friend Maggie who is a year older and also  bought from yourselves by friends of ours.
Hi Tessa,
Just thought that we would let you know that Leo has settled in beautifully!
He is a joy to have around,intelligent and extremely funny.
We all love him very much and want to thank you for breeding such a lovely Malshi pup!
Hope all is well.
Best Wishes
The Haldane Family
Hello Tessa,


Just wanted to let you know how Disney was getting on!
She is doing really well, and is a lovely little dog! We could not love her more! Thank you so much!
Hope you had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year!

Carol and Andrew Robinson x
Just a quick email wishing you a 'Happy New Year!' from Badger 
Badger is most definitely one of the best little dogs I've owned. He is a pleasure to own and never leaves our side. He is very intelligent and just loves to play with my German wire haired pointer Monty. He has learnt so quickly and has endless amounts of  energy. We cant thank you enough for selling us such a lovely little puppy who has made us laugh and smile so many times already & for being so kind & helpful each time we visited.
Hi Tessa
Just to let you know how Poppit is getting on as she is now 19 weeks old.  She is the most good natured pup I have ever had and is so loved by everyone who meets her.  She is coming on well with her training and comes back every timel when off the lead over the fields (thank goodness).  She is socialising really well too with all the other dogs (even though most of them are ten times her size).
I just thought I'd drop you this email to say thank you so much for a puppy from Puddles and Lottie. They must be such proud parents.
We came down to see you on August Bank Holiday Monday to have a look at an 11 week old pup and an 8 week old pup, the 8 week old was chose by us. 
We were on holiday near Caernarfon and it took over 4 hours to get to you and another 4 to get back to our holiday chalet. 
But was it worth it, oh yes, more than worth it.
She travelled all the way back with no trouble at all not sick even once. and when we got back to the chalet, gave her some supper, laid newspapers near the front and back doors ready to start toilet training, she amazed us once again as she started straight away using the paper at both doors. 
She has never been a moments trouble and has the most fantastic personality you can ever imagine. Suzie answered to her name within 24 hours ran to the paper and even started to warn us when she wanted the loo when we were out with her.
It is the first time I have been to a breeder and it was fantastic, all the pups were in a  clean environment and all soiling was cleaned straight away and if I want another puppy I know where I will be ringing first, even though we live in Whitby, North Yorkshire it would be worth the trip knowing that both the people and the pups would be well worth the journey. 
So once again thank you she is wonderful.

Anne, Joanne and Paige Illingworth  x x



Hello Tessa just a note to say how well little daisy has settled in everyone loves her and her training is coming on well a couple of little issues she eats her own poo I am being told that this is quite normal.  She is booked in with our vet on Wednesday for her final injections I will be glad when she can get warn out going out for a couple of walks a day.  She is a little bundle of energy and spends a lot of time running around in circles and throwing her toys everywhere.  As you can see by photos she is getting on with our two house rabbits she loves them but they don't like a lot of fuss so pretend she isn't there but she licks their heads and they seem to enjoy that bit. 

Ill keep you posted in a few weeks to see if she has calmed down a bit.

Best Regards





Just to let you know that Teddy had settled in really well. He is adorable and such a good little boy. The children are so happy and enjoying their new ball of fluff!!

Thank you so much

Kinds regards                                  
Lucie Hyde


Hi Tessa
Happy New Year to you - hope you and all the dogs had a good Christmas :)
I did! I had presents to open which was fabulous ........ sooooo many chews and some toys, it was great! My pack took me out visiting - I went to both my grandparents houses and to visit some friends too. I was very well behaved - or so I'm told :)   Nans house was the best - she lives by the woods and we went for a very long walk. No lead - wahey :) :) :)
Did you know I'm 7 months old now??!!!! I went for my flea treatment and a check up at the vets this morning and I now weigh a whole 4.5kg! Mum says I'm "coming on very nicely!"
I've attached a picture so you can see how I look now.
Sorry its only short - I've just woken from a big snooze as I've been for a 1.5 hour walk with my good friend Buster. I'm just about to have my tea and then Grandad is coming to spend the night so I'll need to be ready to give out lots of kisses and cuddles on his lap. Such a hard life being a dog :)
I have been a great little boy since I arrived here and love being spoilt, Dad says I make the family complete-)
Love & woofs
Leo xx                                            


Just a quick email to let you know that Barney enjoyed the car journey home. Our other dogs Watson and Pippa (Yorkshire Terriers, brother and sister, 10 years old) are accepting him quite quickly because Barney is such a confident little puppy.
Will send you some photos soon,
All best wishes,
Sallie, Simon , John and Barney.
Just to let you know he's settled in very well and is already up to mischief. He's wonderful. Thank you xx
Kellie and Simon



Hi Tessa
Just wanted 2 let u know that our lovely puppy has settled right into our family life. He's got a lovely temperament and he's a funny character! Our children have named him Cubby. He loves going out for walks and he wants everyone he meets to make a fuss of him. We love having him as part of the family x






 Thank you!





Hi Tessa

We thought you might like to see some updated photos of Bentley.

He is a wonderful addition to our family, turning heads wherever he goes.

He settled extremely quickly and is clearly very much at home.

Thank you very much.

John and Tracey Naismith






Hi Tessa. Rolo had his first away trip with the pole vaulters this weekend. He was terrific!  Great on the 7 hour car journey to Manchester! Fab at the comp in his travel carrier ( too young to go on ground ) fab in hotel and on return journey.  Couldn't have asked for more. Effective as Josh"s lucky mascot too!  Josh jumped pb 3.75 m. Everyone adores Rolo and at least two other families may well contact you in the future. Will send you photos next week because Rolo will be in Derby with Pole vaulters( and us ) next weekend. Regards Davina






Hi Tessa. Just thought we would let you know that Rudy has settled in very well and is a healthy,happy and playful pup. I will send more pictures soon. Thanks
Dannnielle , Rudy and family x





Thought you would like to be updated on PIP. As you can see from the photos,
he is doing very well. He is absolutely adorable & a much loved addition to
our family. He is a talking point wherever we go & people are very
interested in his breed. Some have stopped their cars to get out & meet him.
Pleased to say we passed our 1st puppy training class 2 weeks ago. Pip
responds well to sit, stay, wait & recall. He has had great fun in the snow
& loves his walks & play in our local park. We give him an occasional bath &
everyone comments on the condition of his coat. (I made my own organic
shampoo from a recipe on the net). I brush him every day. As he is nearly 6
months old he is starting to develop his own character but fortunately still
understands his position within the family. Life has certainly changed for
us since our journey to Wales to collect him & we can't imagine being
without him as he brings everyone so much joy. We hope all is well with you
& would like to thank you for enabling us to add Pip to our family & take
this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas.

Kind Regards Pauline & Ted Piper


Bella the cavapoo

Hi, Sorry it has taken a while to write, we have been so busy with our little Bella - she has taken over our house and reallybecome part of the family. She is fantastic. She settled in so well when we got her. We set up a quiet corner for her, but all she wanted was to be with her new mummy and daddy. It has been such a joy watching her grow and training her. She passed her puppy classes with flying colours and we are now working towards her bronze Kennel club good citizen's award. She has also started learning to go through tunnels and running over flat jumpsfor when she is ready to start agility classes. She has come along to watch her big sister Kimi at some shows already. Thank you so much for such a joy of a puppy. She was really easy to socialise as she was so used to both people and other dogs. It has also been really easy with keeping up her grooming after all the practise she had with you. She is a truely wonderful puppy and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. I have attached some picture for you as well, often with our other dog Kimi, who has come into her own since we got her little sister. 3 are from this summer, the others are from when we first got her - wewill try to send you some more soon, particularly when she starts agility. Thank you again Mark and Kirsty Bentley

Hi Tessa I collected Bunty (Bichon/Shih Tzu) with my father from you back in October now and just thought I'd drop you a little note to tell you how well she has settled!!Her personality is hilarious and she's definitely rather a tom boy! Shecomes in from the garden absolutely black from digging holes in the mud which she just loves!!She is also very intelligentand could playfetch from about9 weeks and her climbing and balancing arerather good -shemanages very wellto climb along the sofas and coffee table to reach a cuppa tea!!! We're about to start training tomorrow in hope that the roles can be reversed and I now can become boss! Ha!Myself and all my family spoil her rotten and my niece and nephew just adore playing with her! She certainly is part of the family and we wouldn't know what to do without her!! I've attached a few pictures!! (The pink hair slide was purely for the photo Smile emoticon) Kind regards and many thanks! Jessica Boon Peterborough

ken k mandy dear tessa, we bouught a cairn /bishon puppy from you over a month called him archie. we got him home and he,s settled in well. enjoying the snow and the walks on thebrecon beacons.he still tries to chase our cats when they run ,but he,s getting better.we,ve called him dexter and he,s got used to his name now which helps.he sit,s and gives his paw.he loves other dog,s and children.the first time we gave him a pig,s ear he ate half then ran around our house looking for somewhere to bury it,so that was instinct.he,s a big part of our world now,sending some photo,s bye for now mr& mrs robinson& dexter

Hi Teresa Just a quick noteto let you know how Chi-Chi is getting on. She is adorable, what a beautiful nature she has, she has become the centre of attention, with all the family(I haven't had so many visitors in ages!). She is doing well with the house training and has settled well at night, and she can sit and stay already after onlyone week.She has had her final injections, and the vet said that she was very healthy.Shehas already met some of my families' dogs inour garden, and many, many children, which she has taken all in her stride. I would definately recommend her breed as a family pet and I can't remember what life was like without her, I am a total convert! Kind regards Lynne Palmer

Hi Tessa,just thought id send a quick email to let you know how Harri (Harriet) is getting on. All I can say is that she is wonderful.She is growing lovely and is a real bundle of fun. I have attached a picture for you. Sam x

Hello, we bought the last puppy from the litter of Bichon Frise x Toy Poodle from your kennels about 6 weeks ago and we eventually named him Brody. He fills our house and is playful and very affectionate. He now loves his long walks and playing in the garden. He is nearly house trained and is mostly well behaved. Thank you for Brody, we don't know where we would be without him now! Everyone loves him. Here are some pictures attached. Thanks again!
Lois Evans - Port Talbot

Hiya Just to let you know that the journey home to Caerphilly went with no problems. Pepa was curled up in my lap wrapped in his towel and slept for a bit before curiousity took the better of him and he was looking out the window cuddled in my arms. He soon started licking me and was very calm. Luckily he did not suffer from travel sickness. He's been very excited looking around his new home and shows no sign of shyness. He has taken to our son Conall in a big way and won't let him out of his sight. They've been playing together all afternoon, mainly with Pepa jumping all over him whilst Conall was lying down. Our cat is a bit sceptical about the new arrival and is quietly observing his actions but neither shows any signs of animosity, even after sniffing each other -which was our main concern. I cannot begin to tell youhow happy we all are with him. I think he's gonna settle in very well. Will keep you updated when we can finally take him out and about. Thanks very much. Wendy, Jason and Conall Stickler

Hello again, Penny has settled into our familylike she has always been here and we all love her to bits. Thank you so much for being such a great breeder and dog lover, you made the whole experience so much easier. She is so sweet natured and loving and we can't imagine life without her now! I have attached photos of our gorgeous 'Penny Doodle!' Best wishes to you and your lovely dogs Marie, Paul, Danielle, Tam and Lauren XXXXX

Hi Tessa It was a year ago that I collected little Alfie from you and I thought I'd drop you a note just to let you know that he's doing really well. Alfie has a really loving nature and has made lots of four-legged friends down our local park! He's got bundles of energy (are you sure he's not a greyhound cross?!), loves to play and is well behaved when he needs to be quiet. He's currently asleep under my desk at work and I'm attaching a photo of him, taken just now on his favourite cushion!I thought you might like to know that as well as his normal life, he's had a taste of stardom....this Sunday (November 6th) he is the doggie-model for this year's Sunday Express Magazine 'what to buy your dog' Christmas feature! It's not his full-time job - just a special request he granted for my friend, who is the deputy editor and in love with Alfie! Hope all well at your end. Best wishes, Lisa Herrington PS. My mum met a lady in the park the other day whose dog also came from Castellan House...small world. Lisa Herrington

Alfie in the Sunday Express supplement

Hello Tessa
just a note to let you know how Sophie is getting on
Sophie was a bit wary when we first got her home but she has settled in fine and now rules the house she has her own funnylittle personality, some of the looks she gives us are hilarious, she has the big puppy eyes when she wants something , and a really grouchy look if we wake her up,she is just one bundle of fun and she just meltsour hearts
I have attached somephotos
thanks again Tessa
Kim and Nigel

Dear Tessa,
      we are looking forward to the 17th when we will be coming to Boncath to collect Max.
All is ready for him and he is booked in for puppy classes six days after his arrival in Norfolk.
Meg is in need of a companion,although she is being a bit of a teenager at present but hopefully
this pass soon.
We will not need to have a puppy pack from you as Meg has won enough food for a year at her obedience
class (this was before she found her voice).
We love her to bits as she is such a character all who meet her are unable to pass her by without making a fuss
of her especially so with children.
I hope all is well with yourself and our new little boy is growing well.
Look forward to our trip but cannot remember your opening times for a weekday, so would be grateful if you could
let me know what time we can get to you.
Kind Regards
Gloria Topley.
Dear Tessa,
      Max has made himself at home very quickly and like Meg he is a very quick learner, he watches her fetch an item then he copies her, be it the wrong item but still very impressive.He also knows his name and comes when called, not bad for a nearly nine week old puppy.
Meg was very wary of him for a while but she appears to be boss now,and plays tug and chase with him.
I have attached two pics of them together and will send updates as to his progress.
These two little dogs have lovely characters and are very easy to teach.
We have not had any destructive behaviour even though Meg is seven months now,she does love to be out and about we cannot wait until Max is old enough to run in the fields like Meg.
He will start puppy socialization classes in a couple of weeks,as these were an excellent start for Meg and she knows her boundry's and we have learnt a lot about dogs even though we were dogs owners for thirty five years before these two, modern training is so much better and
less aggresive.
We hope all is well with you and will keep in contact.
 Yours Sincerely
Gloria Topley.


Hi Tessa
Thank you so much for the photos he is absolutely gorgeous.Grandchildren are already thinking of names & i am  sure he will be spoilt rotten just like Ted is
 Attached are some photos



 Hi tessa!
DAISY IS SAFELY HERE! She seems happy and content, and loved running around our backyard tonight with our other dog and cat! She ate a little bit of food, but wasn't too hungry and is sleeping now. I will send you regular updates and I will take some pictures for you in the next few days!

Thank you so so much for this sweet little dog, she's absolutely wonderful!

Hi Tessa!
DAISY IS DOING GREAT! She's really taken to my two Yorkshire terriers, and in the past few days her personality has really started to come out, she wakes me up in the middle of the night to play and I have bought her lots of toys that she seems to be enjoying! She is such a little pleasure to be around, and I really couldn't be any happier! I have taken a few pictures of her for you in her new home, so I'll be sure to send them on to you tonight or tomorrow.

Hello Tessa,
I hope that you will remember us; we visited you on May 4th this year and left a deposit for a little min.Schnauzer/Bichon  bitch. We collected her on May 16th; when she was 8 weeks old. I believe she was born on March 21st 2012. Her mother was the Schnauzer and her father, the Bichon. We have called her Rascal!
All I can say is that we are really thrilled with her. She has settled in really well alongside our long-haired Jack Russell, Scamp, whom you met briefly! She is very adventurous and loving and is learning all the time about what she can and can’t get away with!
We attach a picture of Rascal for you. (Feel free to use it on your website if you like!).
Looking forward to hearing from you in due course!
Best wishes,
Anne Hardy and David Potts

Hi, Tessa hope you are well - if you want to see Twigs getting a bath/trim at a grooming place - I had bronchitis for several weeks and let her coat get a bit knotty.  there is a link on the site below to a face book page, scroll down, Twigs is under their Friday pics in the facebook (not the gallery)- to see all 5 pics you click on her name or mine, can't recall which as I type this.  Think it was a good idea- they cut her fringe so I think she will see better and her chin area, around her feet and "private parts".  Other than that I did not get her clipped.  It is helpful to me as I can now see a good length for her fringe over her eyes to be.  They also clipped her toenails - very difficult as the nail and cuticle same colour - when I tried once, I think I accidentally hurt her.  Apparently she was good as gold.

Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 12:12:56 +0100
Subject: Twiggy

Dear Miss Dawrant,

    I hope you don't mind, we have put photos of Twiggy on our Facebook
page, for all to see how beautiful she is! If you wish to view these
photos you can do so by visiting our website: and
clicking on the 'Facebook' icon. If you then 'Like' our Facebook page
you will recieve regular updates and offers regarding Dogs Palace.
Please feel free to add your own photos and /or comments.

Thank you,
Kind Regards,

Claire - Receptionist Dogs Palace UK
Hi, Tessa
Thought you would like this picture of our Denzi boy. He has had a puppy cut because his fur was so thick.   He is amazing and is so much like or dog Toby who died its quote unnerving but he definately has his own personality though! Our dog groomer has fallen in love with him because he is the most patient dog ever. He also recognises when I need my inhaler for my asthma by tapping my arm. Everyone where we live loves him and he is a wonderful friend for Sammy, our other yorkie, they sleep together on the bottom of our bed!!!
I cannot thankyou enough for our little boy and your patience when we first got  him and needed your help. I will recommend your kennels and lots of people have asked where we got Denzi from because he is so adorable. He is completely house trained at 5 and a half months!!
Here is Denzi and Sammy after their walk has'nt he grown? He is long bodied like his Mum Molly
Paula & Steve Watts
Hi Tessa i just thought i would send you a quick update on my little Pug x
Shih-Tzu, we got him from you last september and named him Yoda but after
hearing him snore and grunt we gave him the affectionate name piggy, i just
wanted to say what a lovely well behaved and sweet tempermanted dog he is,
he is vey loving and loyal and loves snuggles on the sofa in the evenings
he loves a bath and walking round the lake behind our home and after
falling in and being unable to swim he is now the proud owner of a life
jacket, he is 10 months old now and has settled in perfectly with our
family and our german shepherd Briar, he is spoilt rotten by friends and
family and people around the parks and walks we take and especially my
friend Liz who classes him as her god-dog we passed our puppy class with
flying colours and he aced the agility he is very quick to pick up commands
and is a joy to take out to meet new people i couldnt imagine any other dog
thank you so much and i hope his brothers and sisters found homes where
they are loved just as much as he is
Beth x x

Hi Tessa
Just to let you know that Daisy-May has settled in really well.  She sleeps well feeds well and is enjoying the garden.  She is a fabulous puppy and we all love her.  Thank You
Take Care
Zara & Mark & Daisy-May Coulson

Dear Tessa,
I hope you can remember me purchasing a shih tzu x min snauchzer from you in March 2010.  Brian (my Husband) and I named him BJ and I thought to send you a few photographs of how he is now at the age of 2 years and 5 months.  He adores cuddles and always pushes himself into our arms or around us.  He is full of energy and bounce and love.
Brian and I have never had any destruction from him, he mixed in from the very start with Bruno (now 13 years and 5 months), Dee who will be 7 years in July and Tia who was 8 in April. 
BJ is at his happiest when he is in the house and gardens and people and children can come in and he welcomes them and adores them.    We  find him very sensitive.  Brian and I only have to tell him off (not shout or even touch him) and he scuttles off and lies quiet, just watching us with his eyes and wagging his tail slowly as if to say.....forgive me!.  On one occasion Brian told him off, BJ didnt go near Brian for ages.  We find that strange as we never or would never dream of hitting any of our dogs....but he is so tuned into the fact he knows when he is naughty.
As you can see, he is gorgeous.  His fur is very curly like the snauchzer and Judy has cut and groomed him so he does tend to look more like the snauchzer than the shih tzu.   He is taller than Bruno, Dee and Tia and also muscled and solid.
Brian and I adore him (as we do the others).  He certainly is a real cutie and a huge part of our doggie family.  I hope Kiaser and Scandal are fine and I have kept their photographs.   I only got a photo of Scandal’s face and if its possible Tessa, would you mind very much if you could send me some more.  I love keeping an album of all our doggies (or our furry kids as they are more commonly known).
With kind regards
Keinne and Brian Loren-Evans

Hello Tessa
I'm so glad I found you. We bought the most wonderful Westie from you in 1997 called MISCHIEVOUS MARCUS REG X4988403X04, he was born on 28/09/97, and very sadly passed away yesterday at the age of 14 years and 2 months, we called him MAC. I can honestly say that he has made us so happy over the years, he was such a wonderful warm, caring and kind Westie, quite unique, and we will miss him dearly. We must have had thousands of memorable walks with him, getting lost on the beach at night, chasing sheep in the field, meeting MAC's mother when we came to stay for a weekend, and being such great company over the years, we loved him so much and we feel that we have lost a true friend.
I wanted to email you a few photos just to see how happy he was. I would so much love to hear from you again, and maybe in the not too distant future when we are ready, we would love to consider having one of Mac's relatives.
With very best wishes

 Hi Teresa,

We got a cavapoo from you in July who was born to Dora in May. We have named her Dora after her mum. Just a email to say she has a lovely temprement like her mum and she picks up training very easily. She does love walks and loves rolling around in MUD!!

I've attached some pictures as you wanted some when she was getting bigger.I know she is only 6 months old but i think she is about fully grown but she will get a bit fatter.

Thanks Mark and Claire


just over a year ago I bought a cockapoo from you which was delivered to Edinburgh for me, this is just a quick note to say that "Taggie" is a complete success, she is so bright and sensible and i was really pleased with all your information, her condition and everything about her!!  She is very happy and very loved!!  I have recommended your kennels to several people who have also fallen for her!!
                                              All the best
                                                     Celia Henderson

Hi tessa

Puppy at home all settled in. The family love him.


Sal Friel

Just to say that Peaches (Iris's baby) is doing really well.We've had her nearly a week and at not yet 9 weeks she has asserted herself very well in our large household!
She's been using puppy training pads from the word go and is eating well. On day 2 she learnt the commands "sit", "paw" and she'll occasionally "roll over". She's full of fun and wants to be in on whatever the family is doing.She found all the cosy places to sleep (laps, the settee, our beds!). unfortunately our other dog Sammy (a lovable elderly Cavalier) has decided she's a no go area and keeps his distance,hiding behind furniture.I'm sure he'll love her as she grows. He just can't work out what this mini whirlwind is!
She's amazingly good at my 83 year old Mums place.She instinctively seems to know not to go charging around there. She likes to sit in the kitchen and watch Mum take the washing out.
She really is a great little girl.We'll upload photos in a few days.Many thanks. Carol.


Hi Tess,

sorry about the delay in updating you on how mango is doing.

we got mango in December and we are so happy, he is the most charming puppy we have ever met. He is very clever and so comical. We spoil him rotten and my mum has nick named him elvis because he thinks hes a star. we love him very much. he is so healthy and happy. We walk him on broad haven beach most days because he loves to run around off his lead, he comes back every time we shake tik tacs or keys. he loves being outside and loves to run in my nan's garden. 

Here are a few photos for to have a giggle at, as you can see, he is very active and loves tissue :), loves cuddling up to his dad, very popular with the girls and loves to sleep. 

Lots of love....
And thank you 

Penny, Marcus and Mango Worrall

Hello Tessa,
I hope that you will remember us; we visited you on May 4th this year and left a deposit for a little min.Schnauzer/Bichon  bitch. We collected her on May 16th; when she was 8 weeks old. I believe she was born on March 21st 2012. Her mother was the Schnauzer and her father, the Bichon. We have called her Rascal!
All I can say is that we are really thrilled with her. She has settled in really well alongside our long-haired Jack Russell, Scamp, whom you met briefly! She is very adventurous and loving and is learning all the time about what she can and can’t get away with!
We attach a picture of Rascal for you. (Feel free to use it on your website if you like!).
Best wishes,
Anne Hardy and David Potts


 Hi Tessa we thought we should update you with our little roxy as its been two months, she is the most amazing little dog, she settled in within a couple of days, she sleeps in her cage each night with no problems, she is house trained and clean, she loves her walks and car rides, she sits,gives paws and lies on command, we are going through the chewing stage at the moment but she has plenty of her own things to chew on!!! she is an absolute pleasure to have x  ive sent you a photo of her only taken today,  with regards katherine and steve


Hello Tessa

Just wanted to drop you a little message to let you know how well Barney is doing!

He has settled in so well and is enjoying his new home, he sleeping well and having plenty of rest (probably exhausting himself with the fun playtime, he has lots of energy!!!) 

He has been left each day for an hour or two, and he is now not crying when we leave.

Toilet training, is going well and although we are experiencing few little accidents he is coming on well. 

He is feeding very well, I have signed up to the pedigree puppy to dog programme and the emails are so helpful. 

Barney has also been out in the car this morning to his vet for his registration and a free puppy check and they have praised how up to date and well looked after he was by you as breeders.

Thank you so much for providing us with our little Barney, it's only been a few days but we couldn't imagine our home without him now, we just live him and everyone who has come to meet him thinks he is gorgeous! 

We will keep you updated on his continued progress but thanks once again.

Stacey, Ellie and Barney